Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Attributes of God

I have been thinking a lot about the different attributes of God recently. There is a song I have been listening to a lot lately, because it just seems to say it so well. It's a song called "All of these" sung by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic team. Here are the words:

"How vast his grace! How great His faithfulness!
How deep His love! How rich his mercy!
How high His thoughts! How sure His wisdom!
And all of these, He gives to me.

So I will praise Him with every breath.
For He has rescued me from certain death
And now this life I live, I live in Him.
Oh let His glory shine while mine grows dim.

How just His ways! How good His discipline!
How pure His truth! How kind His goodness!
How calm His peace! How long His patience!
And all of these, He gives to me.

How broad His power! How grand His majesty!
How true His reign! How bright His glory!
How strong His might! How clear His triumph!
And all of these, He gives to me."

Are those not just the most magnificent words? Yet they cannot even begin to describe the greatness of God. Have you stopped lately to think of the greatness of God, and His many attributes? He will never fail you. You cannot say that about anyone else. He will never leave you. You cannot say that about anyone else. He will never break His promises. You cannot say that about anyone else. He is perfect! You cannot say that about anyone else. You get the picture? All men will let you down, but if you are setting your hope in God, He will NEVER let you down. His ways are perfect! His timing is perfect! His ways are mysterious, yet they are best. The Psalms are filled with praises to God. Have you ever stopped to write down some of the attributes of God, and then thank Him for them? I am not as good as I should be at doing this everyday, but I do try to make it a regular thing to thank God for something that He has done for me, in writing (usually in my journal), so that I will never forget His goodness towards me. I encourage you to do the same. Write a letter to God thanking Him for some of these attributes, or others. There are so many! Well, that's my word for the day. Just some things I have been thinking about lately. Stay strong in Jesus!! He's got you! His death covers everything!

Because of His blood,
Faith Christine
Galatians 2:20; 1 Corinthians 15:10

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