Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life like a teacup

I feel particularly blessed to have this tea cup and saucer, which belongs to a set of China.
No elaborate design. Just a simple leaf pattern on each piece, surrounded by a blue-gray rim, with gold edging.
But to me, it's beautiful.
Because this set belonged to my MamaDoll. When she was moving to an Assisted Living Center, they had an estate sale for everything at her house. I had wanted another set of China that was well worn, and even missing some pieces. I just wanted it because it belonged to MamaDoll. I was sentimentally attached to it, and didn't even think to ask for the other set.
I did not get the set I wanted.
Instead, this set that is barely used, and still has all the pieces, is the one that didn't sell at the estate sale, and I "inherited" this set.
I see this as a great blessing. I would have been happy with what was worn, chipped, and broken. But God gave me something much better. God gave me something beautiful and complete.

God gives good things to His children.

As I was thinking through this fact this morning, I realized all of life is like this. Especially when it comes to marriage.

Often, we are willing to settle for what is less than the best. We are willing to settle for what is used and broken. We don't always think to ask for what is best, and we don't always want to wait for it either.

I remember being disappointed when I did not receive the set that I wanted, but I never realized I would receive an even more beautiful set, which I had to wait for, and with which I was surprised.

How often are we willing to settle for less than God's best, and not willing to wait? Whether it is in who we will marry, where we live, the job we have, or anything else in life, we need to be willing to wait for God's very best.

Don't settle for less. Why would we want any less than God's absolute best?

God has taught me this important lesson this year in a hard way, as I was wanting something that I know now was not His best for me. Instead, I will have to wait until God gives me something more beautiful than I can imagine.

Because my Father gives good gifts to His children.....

....I will wait.

Will you be willing to wait for God's very best?

Because of Jesus' Blood,
Faith Christine
Galatians 2:20; 1 Corinthians 15:10